MySpace (dot) Com - MySpace is a ghosttown, but all the songs are still up here.

Reverbnation (dot) Com - Another Little Boy Blue page.

Facebook (dot) Com - And another.

Soundcloud (dot) Com - And another.

Bandcamp (dot) Com - And another.

Last (dot) FM - And another.

Youtube (dot) Com - And another.

Ego Resistant Productions - The premier record label for crusty squatters all the way from Zurich to Montana.

The List - The authoritative list of funk/punk/thrash/ska shows in the BayArea for years and years.

Do DIY (dot) Org - Links to DIY-friendly folx all around the world.

Ed Masuga - A great fingerpickin' crooner, cowriter of 'Goodbye Sunshine'.

Theo Paige - Plays the badass Irish fiddle on 'The Day that Bush was Shot in the Head'.

Matty Luv - I never met Matty, but Hickey was one of the best bands ever.

Squat the Planet - The international internet squatter's resource.

Squat (dot) Net - And another.

Homes Not Jails - Organizing for squatter's rights in the Bay.

Berkeley Liberation Radio - Pirate radio is alive and well in the BayArea.

Mutiny Radio - More pirate radio.

Riot Folk! - Making folk music a threat again.

Pete Seeger - Set the example that all musicians with a conscience should try to live by. Long Live Pete!

Woody Guthrie - The original folk-punk hobo hero.

The Fucking Buckaroos - San Francisco-style folk punk (or cowpunk? punkcuntry?)

Thee Hobo Gobbelins - More evil BayArea hobo jug band goodness.

Accordion Apocalypse - The coolest anarchist accordion repair shop around.

Tweet Records - Joan Pez has a sweet little studio in the hills of Oaktown.

Bay Area Open Mic Calendar - You can play in the Bay every day.

The Open Mic Documentary - Video from lots of open mic performers around the BayArea, including Little Boy Blue.

The Starry Plough Irish Pub - I got my start at the Starry Plough open mic.

The Long Haul - Berkeley's favorite anarchist hangout, across the street from the Starry Plough.

I.W.W. - The Industrial Workers of the World, One Big Union.

Occupy Oakland - We are the 99%!

Global Indymedia - Find out what's really going on.